Due to COVID-19 the 2020 retreat is postponed until October 4, 5 and 6, 2021 in the same city and the same hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn at the Aksarben in Omaha, Nebraska

Every moment at  the event stresses participants capturing ideas to take home to present and pilot test. To reinforce that, each speaker gives participants specific challenges for when they return home. It is sort of like homework.

Every speaker stresses a collaborative and interactive discussion with the participants.  It is not a place to sit back, listen,  and relax. Speakers take little time for lecturing and lots of time having interactive conversations with the audience.

There are 48 participants including 16 speakers – a 2:1 ratio!  We are like a boutique hotel – different, small, personal and intimate.  But we are unlike an exclusive boutique hotel in that we are less expensive than other conferences.


We’ll be at the trendy high tech Aksarben Village in Omaha, Nebrasks. Aksarben is Nebraska spelled backwards.  Starting in 1895 the area was the place to be for horse races, rodeos, sporting events and county fairs. Then, only about 15 years ago that all changed with an all new high tech village next to the University of Nebaska at Omaha. It quickly became Omaha’s premier entertainment and shopping community, a walk-able place of unique shops, restaurants, bars, bike trails, concerts, and green spaces.

Retreat Emphasis

The retreat emphasizes tools for trust, transparency, resolving conflicts, honesty, feedback, and mentoring and coaching between team members. All content is about “why” and “how to”.

This is not a conference with the same ole employee engagement stuff such as flexible work hours, free lunches, best place to work surveys, values, happiness, social and fun events, mindfulness, and more. That list of topics is not complete but you get the jest.

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We’ll update this speaker section as speakers are confirmed. That will be soon. Especially note each speaker’s attention to ensuring that every participant leaves the retreat with specific ideas to present and test when they return home. You probably can’t find such personal attention at any other conference.

Check back often to see new additions. 

Stewart Levine

"Difficult Conversations Without Being Disagreeable"

These are homework ideas Stewart will suggest you consider when you return home. He will give specific tips for each when you meet at the retreat. This kind of personal and practical attention is not found anywhere else.


Lynette Campbell


Who do you know/observe that is ‘humbitious?” How do they walk that fine line? Lynette defines Humbitious as “Designing organizational practices that downplay status while at the same time encouraging strong teams and individual growth and effectiveness”.


Harvey Deutschendorf

"Emotional Intelligence - Unleash the Potential Within"

What EI competency do you feel that improving upon would help you most in your work?

Think of one thing that you could start, or stop doing, that would benefit you the most.


Sharlyn Konfrst

"The “Art” of the Workplace
Engaging Teammates in Non-Traditional Ways"

What type of space do you most enjoy working in and what about this space allows you to be productive? Where do you escape to for stress relief?


Eve McLain

"Winning Without Cost - Ethical Leadership"

Hold a round-table with your peers defining ethics and explaining the four types of reputations a leader can unmask through their actions.


Joe Leone

"Vision for the Workplace:
Reflections & New Perspectives"

You and your team read the book “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. Have them report back their thoughts from both a “looking in the mirror” perspective and how they perceive their team is.


Nathan Krinsley

”Culture with a Voice"

Identify a specific project and its team members for testing Scrum. Hold a class to educate your team on the principles of Scrum. Implement steps to set proper expectations by always including others.




Early Arrivals

From 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 6, 2021 before the start of the retreat, Jerry Wagner will present and demo the Academy’s Teams Get It software. This software is for collaborative Team Decision Support.

Each company represented will receive 50 free Team Member registrations. This is a $500 gift.

You can learn more about the software in a white paper.

Lodging & Meeting Space

The new Hilton Garden Inn at the Aksarben is where we’ll be for sleeping rooms and meeting space. The sleeping room rate is a low at $109. The meeting space and rooms are new,  high tech and superb. Call the hotel to register and identify yourself as being with the Academy of Culture Ambassadors group.
(402) 334-4441

Food & Entertainment

These are a few examples. There are many wonderful and easy to get to places.
Have a steak at Gorat’s and you can say you had a meal at Warren Buffet’s favorite steak house.
There are several unique cafes and bars right by the hotel including the popular trendy Inner Rail Food Hall.
The Old Town Market with many restaurants and entertainment is a short car ride away.


No hassle, rushing, or crowds at Omaha’s airport. A simple, but very adequate place right in the middle of the US. If you are from a big city airport you will love Omaha’s easy going airport. There are no trains or shuttle buses or moving sidewalks


If you have checked the fees for other conference you know that the retreat is very affordable. No one involved is paid and the Academy is a non profit.  There are no refunds but paid registrations can be transferred  to a friend or applied to registration in 2021.
March 2, 2020 to July 1, 2020
July 2, 2020 to September 21, 2020
Click here to register. You will then receive an email with a link to pay using a credit card.

Ask Anything

Ask anything you want about the retreat or about the Academy. We promise to respond quickly and everything is private between you and Jerry Wagner the Founder of the Academy. We have a white paper about the Academy that you will want to download. 

Hey, also remember to check out the Academy’s new website.


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